This hand embroidered needlepainting shows a forest stream in the Hague forest in the Netherlands, near my old home, in the winter. The water was almost frozen, the winter light and the snow reflecting in it, perfectly still, perfectly controlled. I liked how calm and perfect it all looked, with the perfectly arranged banks, so controlled and perfect and such a contrast with the sea that is only 5 kilometers away from this spot, ignoring that this place is actually under sea level. The Dutch have always had a difficult relationship with the sea, since so much of the country is under sea level and we use technology to keep the sea at bay. We do this so succesfully, we don’t really think of the sea as a threat anymore, although recently with the rising seas in the future we’re forced to think about it again. So, this painting is a bit ironic, displaying the perfect control of an artificial forest stream so close to the sea.

This work has been exhibited at Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, the Netherlands.

It’s a miniature work, the embroidery measures 10 by 7 cm and is created with silk threads as fine as a hair. It’s embroidered on sturdy cotton fabric and finished with a white passepartout on wood, and it’s ready to hang. The full piece measures 15 by 22.5 cm.


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