Symbiosis I

I created this piece while on residency at Raizvanguarda in Bordeiro, Portugal. It was my second time at Raizvanguarda, the last time was exactly two years ago and when I initially arrived for my second residency, it seemed as if nothing had changed. Everything still looked and felt the same and even the bus driver on the bus from Coimbra was still the same guy! After a while though, it became clear that things had changed-the climate change really started to become noticable in that the weather had become more extreme, the forest fires had impacted the area a lot, there was talk of a chicken factory being build on the made me think of the delicate balance between people and their surroundings and how a place that seems so peaceful, beautiful and idyllic has it’s own struggles under the surface. Those thoughts inspired this embroidered portrait of a man in a harsh symbiosis with nature.

Symbiosis I measures 15 by 15 cm, is created by silk hand embroidery on silk fabric and has been sold.

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