This page will give you some websites to use as resources for your travels, places to start looking for residencies, but also to help you out with traveling to and funding your residency.





This one you probably already know; it has over 1400 residencies in an interactive map for you to search through, as well as information about what residencies are, where to find funding and the ever useful ‘do it yourself’ tab with studio spaces and call for artists. There’s a reason why this one is on top of the list!


Also has a good list of residencies, as well as information about funding. They organise meetings and events about artist residencies, but for artists the list of residencies is probably the most useful.


Formerly known as the open calls page at Residency Unlimited, Rivet collects open calls from residencies all over the world and has a neat system where you can save open calls in your profile so you don’t forget about them later. It’s pretty new, but I think it has the potential to get really big and there’s a bunch of residencies on there already that aren’t on the other sources, so I suggest you check it out.


An excellent resource for if you want to go on residency to China, it has residency profiles, interviews with the people who run them and you can apply to the residencies through this site. They also have good information about daily life in China, ranging from VPN info to a ‘how to use WeChat’ guide. Very useful!


This website has a list of current opportunities as well as guides to funding for many different countries. The residency opportunities are places you can apply for right now, so instead of a residency directory they show more current opportunities, which you don’t always find on the other sites. The funding guides are very useful as well, as they show lists of places you can apply for, so if you’re looking for funding, this is the site to be.

Aliance of Artists Communities

Another site that keeps a list of residencies, they offer useful information about the funding and application process and have quite a few residencies listed. They seem to be fairly US-centric, but there are international residencies as well.

Rate my Residency

On this site, artists can rate a residency they’ve been to and you can look at the map to see which ones have had the best rating, and which one weren’t rated as being very good. Very useful!

Residency Swap

This one is very new, they’re still in the testing phase but I love the idea so I had to give them a shout out anyway. Artist Residency Swap is a project run by two Finnish artists and the idea is that they organise a swap for two artists in two different countries. The current one is between Finland and Japan, so one artist from Japan and one from Finland is going to stay in each others studio and apartment for a while. The selected artists get a grant for travel, and of course accommodation is free since it’s a swap.


res-a ten step guide to applying for things

This guide is a very useful resource if you’re looking for a step by step guide to applying for residencies, grants, exhibitions or anything else art related.  Personally, I love it when people who know more than me help me out by saying ‘okay, do this, then do this, then do this.’ The articles are short and easy to read, plus they have advice from people who run residencies. They have some good advice on what to do when you get rejected, too 😉 Very useful!


Google Flights

This is what I use to find cheap flights. Google Flights is essentially a smoother looking version of the ITA Matrix, and what it does is collect data of almost all airlines and help you to find a baseline price for your flight ticket. Unlike sites like Orbitz and Kayak, Google Flights also includes budget airlines, so it’s much easier to find good deals, especially in Europe.

You can select your depature and destination countries/airports and look at the calender to see what the cheapest days to fly are, and also look in the future several months to get a good idea of a baseline price for your flight. You can also select different, nearby airports to fly from and it will suggest different, cheaper dates to fly if there are any, so it pays to be flexible. When you’ve found a flight you like, you can click through and go directly to the airlines website to book it, which is usually cheaper than through a booking site.


Another very useful website for planning out your travels! Simply fill in your departure and destination and it will show you several methods of transportation to get there, with links to public transport websites, timetables and price estimates. I’m continually amazed by how this site finds even the most remote area’s, and how accurate the advise it gives turns out to be.


If you’re going to travel by train, check out this website! This guy is nuts(in the best way!)about trains and has created guides on how to travel by train for many, many countries, including pictures of the actual trains and price estimates.

Carry On bag sizes

A useful website that shows the max carry on of all airlines


That’s it for now, but of course there is more to come! If you have a site you’ve found useful when going on a residency, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.