Songs of Georgia Hand Embroidered Brooch


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This listing is for one hand embroidered brooch, a needlepainting of a landscape from the beautiful country of Georgia, located in the Caucasus mountains. I went there from May to July this year as an artist in residence and was amazed by the gorgeous landscape, the incredible views, beautiful castles and chapels, so many shades of green and amazing colors in the sky..every turn of the road shows another landscape more beautiful than you can imagine, sometimes dramatic, sometimes peaceful, sometimes everything at the same time. This particular view was as we were walking out of the beautiful tiny village of Chkopiani, another tiny Georgian village that just looks like a master painting, villagers roaming around, dogs relaxing on the porches, delicious fruit hanging on the trees.. Words nor stitches can really do justice to the beauty of Georgia, but I gave it my best 😉

The needlepainting embroidery is done completely by hand, with very fine filament silk threads, each thread about three times as fine as one strand of regular embroidery thead, and on sturdy cotton fabric. The silk is embroidered on in layers to give it depth, and the process of embroidering costs about 15 hours of handwork. After the hand embroidery is finished, it is put into a silver coloured setting with a sheet of thick, quality plastic inbetween to protect the embroidery against the elements. It has a little clip on the back to pin it on your clothes, so it’s perfect for you to wear on your next travels!

There is only one of this brooch and it won’t be reproduced.

The brooch will be packed sturdily, with a note detailing the inspiration and the story of the needlepainting. This pin is a carefully created piece of art, celebrating the beauty of nature.

The pin is 3.5 by 5 cm(1.4 by 2 inch) large. If you’d rather have this needlepainting as a pendant necklace, that is also possible-just put a note along with your order and I will convert it to a pendant with a necklace at no extra charge and no extra processing time. The pin is the same dimensions as the pendant.

This piece will be shipped out within 1-3 business days. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

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