Meeting Part I Hand Embroidered Pendant Necklace


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This listing is for one hand embroidered pendant necklace, the first part in a three pendant story about a meeting. The idea is that the three pendants together show an open ended story between these two characters. She is looking towards him with a sense of longing in her expression, but he does not look in her direction. The flowers on her face come back in the embroidery of the flowers on his skin and the background colors(purple in grey for her and grey in purple for him)connect them but there is no physical meeting with these two portraits. The middle pendant shows them meeting, with his hand holding her flowers, but although it shows a physical meeting, there’s still the question if they are truly meeting. Perhaps she is dreaming of a lover who is no longer with her, or perhaps they meet and enjoy each others company but never truly connect, or perhaps it is a love story with obstacles but a happy ending. That is up to you! 

The first part here is the portrait of the girl, with an expression of happiness and longing, romantic and sweet but with a hint of sensuality as well. 

The needlepainting embroidery is done completely by hand, with very fine filament silk threads, each thread about three times as fine as one strand of regular embroidery thread, and on sturdy cotton fabric. The silk is embroidered on in layers to give it depth, and the process of embroidering costs about 20 hours of handwork. After the hand embroidery is finished, it is put into a silver coloured setting with a sheet of thick, quality plastic in between to protect the embroidery against the elements. It comes with a necklace, so it’s all ready for you to wear!

The pendant will be packed sturdily, with a note detailing the inspiration and the story of the needlepainting. The pendant is part of the three part story but it is available separately. If you’d like to purchase the complete story, send me a message because you’ll get a special discount for all three 🙂

The pendant is 3.5 by 5 cm(1.4 by 2 inch) large. If you’d rather have this needlepainting as a pin brooch, that is also possible-just put a note along with your order and I will convert it to a brooch at no extra charge and no extra processing time. The pin is the same dimensions as the pendant.

This piece will be shipped out within 1-3 business days. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message!

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