This is Poppedijn, a collaboration between me and Frederieke Westerveld from Freakstyle BJD. Poppedijn is a 32 cm doll and a genderless creature, made out of resin and strung with elastic. The outfits are all designed and hand made and embroidered by me. The concept behind this Poppedijn is that her dress represents a world she created of her own, with a cycle of life and death. Poppedijn lies in the middle of that world, observing and neutral. Poppedijn as a concept is a genderless doll, we wanted to explore their androgyny, neither male, nor female, Poppedijn’s name literally means ‘doll that belongs to you’ and so they morph into whatever we or their owner needs them to be. Poppedijn is to me, a gender utopia.

The dolls have been designed as a collaboration between me and Frederieke. They were sculpted in clay and then hand cast in resin by Frederieke, and the outfits were created by me. They are all for sale, so if you are interested, just send me a message.

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