Placing a Custom Order

Would you like a custom piece of silk hand embroidery made to your own specifications?

This page s for custom orders for hand embroidered needlepainting based off your own photo’s, so you can have a piece of art based off of your favorite place in the world. It could be of a special place in your travels, or perhaps of home, to keep with you as you travel, or perhaps a place that holds special memories with your loved ones. The summer cottage you went to as a child, or the beautiful garden where you got married, or that moment on top of a mountain that you’ll never forget..based off your photo’s, I will create a hand embroidered piece of art that you can carry with you always, just like your memories. The pictures show some examples of previously made embroideries, as well as some photo’s of the process. Embroideries of beloved pets or favorite animals are also possible!

For an idea of the custom pieces I’ve created for people before, check out the Custom Orders gallery

Pendants and Brooches

My most common custom work is embroidering pendants and brooches with an image of your choice.

The needlepainting embroidery is done completely by hand, with very fine filament silk threads, each thread about three times as fine as one strand of regular embroidery thead, and on sturdy cotton fabric. The silk is embroidered on in layers to give it depth, and the process of embroidering costs about 15 hours of handwork. After the hand embroidery is finished, it is put into a silver coloured setting with a sheet of thick, quality plastic inbetween to protect the embroidery against the elements. You can choose between a pendant with a silver necklace, or a brooche to pin on your clothes and the finished work will be packed sturdily in a pretty box. They are both the same size-3.5 cm by 5 cm, or 1.4 inch by 2 inch.

The price for a custom landscape or animal pendant is 130 euro plus shipping.

Other custom work is also possible, but the price and time schedule will depend on what exactly you have in mind, just send me a message and we’ll chat!




When placing an order, please send me a message with preferably several pictures of your subject, along with some text about where and what it is and what you like so much about this place. Tell me why this place is so special to you, why do you want to carry this memory with you? I try not to recreate the exact image, but to capture the essence of the place, and for that it is useful to know as much as possible about it!

After that, I will make some mockups of the photos and show you what it would look like as a pendant. Once you approve of those, I’ll get to embroidering! When the embroidery is finished, I will send you more pictures for you to approve and when it is done to your satisfaction, I will create a pendants or brooch out of it and send you the final photo’s. Then, it will be shipped out within 1-3 business days. The whole process takes about 3 weeks, and I will give you time estimations for each part as we go along, so you are always up to date on when your pendant will be finished.



If you have any questions or you would like to place an order, feel free to send me a message using the contact form below!