This piece was created inspired by my time as an artist in residence in Beijing, China, in March 2017. You can read more about this on the project page and see other works from that project as well.

This one shows a landscape of a cherry blossom tree starting to bloom, as inspired by my time as an artist in residence in Beijing, China. I was there in the spring of 2017 and went to see the trees on a particularly smoggy day, seeing the beautiful blossoms come up in the garden, with people playing around it, in spite of the March sun struggling to get through the smog. It inspired this painting, I wanted to convey something that looks a bit chaotic, a bit wild, but still beautiful, growing and elegant. Like I said on the project page, I always struggle a bit with explaining my time in China and why I loved it so much in words, because if you’ve been there you probably understand and if not, then all the information you get goes through a filter and that filter tends to create a distorted image of what the place is like; ultimately, it’s just land, it’s just a place. With trees, and stones, and air and land. This painting shows a bit of that land and how I perceived it.

It’s a miniature work, the embroidery measures 9 by 9 cm and is created with silk threads as fine as a hair. It’s embroidered on sturdy cotton fabric and finished with a white passepartout on wood. The full piece measures 15 by 22.5 cm.

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