These three embroideries I created during the end of my residency period in SERDE, Latvia. Most of the time, my work reflects observations made on the outside world and deals with how the nature around us reflects our collective nature. Collective; as in, not individual. Portraits are by their nature individuals, so I was searching for a way to fit these into my overall work. These three pendants reflect a story that takes place not in the world around us but inside our own minds.

The idea is that the three pendants together show an open ended story between these two characters, the explanation depending on your own interpretation and on how many of the pendants you are seeing. She is looking towards him with a sense of longing in her expression, but he does not look in her direction. The flowers on her face come back in the embroidery of the flowers on his skin and the background colors(purple in grey for her and grey in purple for him)connect them but there is no physical meeting with these two portraits. The middle pendant shows them meeting, with his hand holding her flowers, but although it shows a physical meeting, there’s still the question if they are truly meeting. Perhaps she is dreaming of a lover who is no longer with her, or perhaps they meet and enjoy each others company but never truly connect, or perhaps it is a love story with obstacles but a happy ending. Any interpretation is a good one, because the story is only in your head.

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