This landscape embroidery was created inspired by Finland in the winter. Not being from a Nordic country myself, I love the winter; the snow, the darkness, the cold..but of course, I don’t have to spend six months in it! After spending a few winters in Nordic countries I noticed the preoccupation with the light that the people have-particularly in Finland. People know exactly when the sun is going to rise and when it goes, when it gets lighter again and when the long wait for summer days starts again. This embroidery shows a forest in Tampere in December, a few minutes before sunset, as the last light casts a deceptively warm glow over the trees and the snow. A few more moments, before the dark comes again..

It’s a miniature work, the embroidery measures 5 by 7 cm and is created with silk threads as fine as a hair. It’s embroidered on sturdy cotton fabric and finished with a white passepartout on wood, and it’s ready to hang. The full piece measures 20.5 by 20 cm.


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