Start of Autumn

In August/September of this year I was an artist in residence at SERDE in Aizpute, Latvia, to create new embroideries based off the nature and landscape there, and this post shows one of the six works from this project. You can see the full project page and read about the concept here, this page is meant to show some more details on the individual embroidery.

This one I started while walking outside on a beautiful summer day, but you could see the colors changing in the trees already, and I sat by this little pond with my hoop and threads to start the embroidery and try to capture the colors and atmosphere. It was as if I saw the seasons change before my eyes, going from bright green to yellow to gold, to pink, orange, purple, to brown, deep blue and grey. I wanted to capture this experience into this dreamy embroidery, as a tribute to the changing seasons and a quiet moment to experience that change.

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