Autumn Colors

In August/September of this year I was an artist in residence at SERDE in Aizpute, Latvia, to create new embroideries based off the nature and landscape there, and this post shows one of the six works from this project. You can see the full project page and read about the concept here, this page is meant to show some more details on the individual embroidery.

When I arrived in Latvia in August, everything was still summer and bright, but as the month progressed you could see autumn coming in quietly, the mushrooms appeared on the forest grounds, the colors changed, the earth turned from dry and green to red brown and wet and you could feel the nature and the people preparing for the winter to come. This embroidery is one of the last ones I made and it shows the transformation into autumn, an explosion of colours, bright and light, fresh and even hopeful because it’s not a bad time-just a different season with different things to look forward to. This spot in the forest was one of my favourites, looking out on the water with all the colors around it like an ever changing dance.

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