Artist in Residence FAQ

Perhaps you’ve stumbled on this site from some dark corner of the internet and you don’t have a clue what an artist residency is, or you’ve heard of them but don’t know exactly what they are? Before you dive into the Residency Guide and the interviews with artists and residencies, it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting into! Let’s get back to the basics..

What is an Artist Residency?


Want to get your paintbrushes messy in a different studio for once?

An artist residency is a place where artists can come to live and work for a while, they provide artists with time and space to come up with new ideas and create new work. That’s what artist residencies are in a nutshell.

However, there are many different kinds of residencies; from museums with prestigious residency programs where an artist works towards a new exhibition to remote residencies run by one artist who wants to provide a space to create without distractions.

There are residencies that are mainly about networking, there are residencies that are about producing a new body of work, there are residencies that are all about connecting with the local community..there are as many choices as there are reasons to go on a residency!

Where are they?

All over the world!  There are residencies on every continent-yes, even Antartica! They exist in many different countries around the world, although it probably won’t surprise you to know the majority is to be found in Western Europe and North America. Every country has it’s own ‘residency culture’ and art scene, and so the decision on where to go can also be based off your interest in the local art scene and culture.

Who can do a residency?

Although they’re generally called ‘artist residencies’, don’t think that means you have to be a visual artist in order to apply! There are residencies for theatre makers, dancers, musicians and other performing artists, writers, translators, researchers, curators, and so on. Some residencies specialise in a discipline, there are residencies specifically for ceramicists, translators, printing, textile, dance, sound art, media art etcetera.

Other residencies are open to any kind of artist. Most residencies are run by artists, many who find it very interesting to broaden their definitions of the word ‘artist’ and meet people who create works in disciplines they were unfamiliar with before.

Residencies also aren’t limited to a certain age, nor do they have to cost a lot of money. Some residencies will allow you to bring your partner or even children if you ask. Don’t worry if you feel you don’t fit the common image of someone who goes on a residency. Part of the goal of this site is to show the variety of people who go on residencies, to inspire you and give you advice on how they are doing it and show you you can do it too.

In short, don’t tell yourself it’s impossible to go on a residency because you’re not a certain type of artist-chances are there will be a place for you.

How long is a residency?

Again, this depends-they range from a week or a few days to a year! Some residencies have a set time for their program, others allow you to decide how long you’re going to stay.

Does it cost money?

Some residencies ask for a fee, usually these are artist run residencies that don’t receive any outside funding and rely on your contribution to keep going. Other residencies do receive funding or have a budget for the artist and they may offer you free accommodation/studio or even a stipend to cover (some of) your living costs.

How do I go on a residency?

The process to go on a residency can be broken down into a few steps: first, you have to find residencies, then you’ll have to think about what you want out of a residency and choose one(or multiple)to apply to. Next up is the application process, and then of course you’ll have to figure out how to fund your residency. The Residency Starting Guide will help guide you through all of these steps! Here, I go more in depth on each part of the process. Read through it, and I hope it will be useful to you!

Blog FAQ


Hello there!

Who runs this site?

Well, hello there, that would be me! This site is run by one person, my name is Minne de Lange, and I’m a textile artist from the Netherlands. I live nomadically, travelling from residency to residency, creating my art and documenting the stories of the people I meet as I go; which I figured I might as well document on my blog here!

Have you been to the residencies that are on your site?

Yes, all residencies that have in depth profiles on this site are ones that I have visited in person and where I have met the people behind them. I feel this is necessary in order to give you a real, on the ground report of what the residency is all about. Of course the practical information can come from the website, interviews with the people can come from Skype, but there is no substitute for actually being there, looking around, getting a feel for the place and talking with the people who run it in person.

I have a residency, can you come over and write about it?

If I’m in the area, sure! Contact me through this site with some information about your residency and we’ll chat!