In March 2017, I went as an artist in residence to QingYun International Art Centre in Beijing, China. It was my first time in China, or in Asia for that matter, but since the embroidery technique I use is originally from there, of course I really wanted to go. When staying in QingYun, a suburb of Beijing, I did what I usually do, which is walking around and looking for observations to create my work around.

Ultimately of course one month is too short to really work out everything and put those observations into words and works, which is why I really want to go back to China. There was so much to see and to try to understand, from the air and how dealing with the air and the sky is so different from at home to the language, the people, and the sense of change and movement.

I always struggle a bit with explaining my time in China and why I loved it so much in words. If you’ve been there you probably understand, and if not then all the information you get goes through a filter and that filter tends to create a distorted image of what the place is like; ultimately, it’s just land, it’s just a place. With trees, and stones, and air and land. When I go back I would like to show that land, just as it is, just the land of China.

Here you can see the works I made in that month, or later, inspired by that time. Some of them have their own posts as well explaining their concept in more detail.





Beijing Sky

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