This hand embroidered needlepainting shows a portrait of a female figure with birds in her skull and on her hands, inspired by a search for symbiosis between nature and humans. I created this piece when I was an artist in residence at Art Villa Garikula in the country of Georgia, and a friendly bird family was nesting in the roof of my studio. Seeing them fly over every day as I was working was fitting, since I was working on pieces considering the symbiosis between man and nature. It made me think to create this work, but I didn’t want it to be too romantic, the human part in this symbiosis should lose a bit of their humanity to the nature, which led to the birds nesting in her skull and being born from her head.

It’s a miniature work, the embroidery measures 5.5 by 8.5 cm and is created with silk threads as fine as a hair. The full piece measures 14.5 by 18.3 cm.



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